1. Gioconda and Joseph King Library

In 1937, The Four Arts hired Swiss-born American architect Maurice Fatio (1897–1943) to design the first building to house The Society of the Four Arts. Upon its opening on January 8, 1938, it was used for lectures, concerts, art exhibitions, children’s programs, a library, and staff offices, but today serves as The Four Arts’ library. In 1996 it was named in honor of Giaconda and Joseph King, who were generous donors. The most famous part of the building is the west loggia, where murals depicting personifications of art, literature, drama, and music painted in 1939 by American artist Albert Herter (1871-1950) adorn the walls. Over time, the murals deteriorated, and local painter Zenon Toczek recreated them in 2018 at the same time the entire building underwent a major restoration.