10. Allies

Lawrence Holofcener

Allies, 1992, bronze and wood

Purchase from the artist made possible by gifts from donors (see plaques nearby for list of donors)

Collection of The Society of the Four Arts, 2014.2

Allies, made by American-British sculptor, poet, lyricist, playwright, novelist, actor, and director Lawrence Holofcener (1926–2017), is the most popular sculpture in the Sculpture Garden. The life-sized portraits depicts former American President Franklin D. Roosevelt and former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in a relaxed conversation while seated on a bench. The original sculpture, which Princess Margaret unveiled in 1995 to commemorate 50 years of peace since World War II, is permanently displayed on Bond Street in London. This is one of only six other casts the artist made. Allies is an approachable sculpture, with the space in between the two leaders open for visitors to occupy. We invite you to sit here and pose for pictures.