18. Maternity-the Cave

Felipe Castañeda

Maternidad-La Cueva, Homage to Zúñiga (Maternity-The Cave, Homage to Zúñiga), 1976, bronze

Gift of Mrs. Richard Harrison Hill, Philip Hulitar, and Mrs. Bradford A. Whittemore

Collection of The Society of the Four Arts, 1981.13

This statue depicts a woman who has transformed her body into a cave-like enclosure to protect her small child. Mexican sculptor Felipe Castañeda is well known for his figures of motherhood and fertility. His stylized figures are heavily influenced by the great Mexican muralists Orozco, Siqueiros, and Rivera. The title of this piece pays homage to artist Francisco Zúñiga, the painter and sculptor under whom Castañeda studied and later worked for as a studio assistant.