20. Apollo and Daphne

Gigi Supino

Apollo and Daphne, 1934, bronze

Gift of Kathleen Chace in memory of Fred and Pat Supper



This sculpture, by the Italian Gigi Supino (1893–1980), tells the story of one of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Love stricken Apollo pursues chaste Daphne, who prays to her river-god father for deliverance and he answers her prayer by transforming her into a laurel tree. Supino’s sculpture depicts the couple just prior to Daphne’s metamorphosis, scurrying through the forest, naked in the classical Arcadian tradition. Like Wheeler Williams (Panthers in front of King Library), Supino was a successful creator of monumental sculpture in the form of war memorials, statuary, and reliefs, both allegorical and religious. The figures of Apollo and Daphne reflect the then fashionable influences of Etruscan and early classical Greek Art.