4. Botanical Gardens

Welcome to The Four Arts' Botanical Gardens. Originally planted in 1938 by members of the Garden Club of Palm Beach, many of whom were also Four Arts' members, the Botanical Gardens were designed as demonstration gardens to educate residents about plants that thrive in South Florida. Garden Club members divided the space into thematic sections and selected plants, sculptures, and architectural features for each unique setting: Chinese garden by Mrs. Lorenzo Woodhouse, Italian garden by Mrs. Joseph Cudahy, Moonlight garden by Mrs. Joseph F. Gunster, Bermuda style English garden by Mrs. Clifford V. Brokaw, Rose garden by Hugh Dillman, Jungle garden by Dr. Leroy Dow, Madonna tropical fruit garden by Mrs. Alfred G. Kay, and a Spanish patio built by Mrs. John S. Phipps. These enchanted gardens continue to teach residents and visitors today and are maintained by the Garden Club of Palm Beach. To learn more, please visit: https://gardenclubpalmbeach.com/.