"Eve's Apple"

"Eve's Apple" captures that crucial moment in the biblical story just after Eve has taken her decisive bite from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The sculpture shows Eve offering the apple to Adam. Like so much of Edwina Sandys' work, the piece is defined by what is missing. Even though Adam is not portrayed, he is inherently there. The apple is held seductively in Eve's fingertips, showing off clearly the marking of its bite, the absent bite that simultaneously offered and took away, that point at which knowledge is acquired and innocence is lost.

This very feminine hand is constructed with three separate flat panels of painted steel that together create a three-dimensional piece. Approaching the sculpture from the edge, it reads as a series of straight lines, but on circling it, other views become apparent. The work gains a third dimension, a depth which reaches its fullness only when the viewer looks directly at the palm or the back of the hand.

The artistic appeal of Edwina Sandys lies in her diverse subject matter. She has combined the lighthearted and the profound in a way that is at once playful and thought-provoking.

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