Final Stop - "Intetra"

"Intetra," by American sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), stainless steel, 1976, given by Ziuta and Joseph James Akston Foundation in 1976.

The title, “Intetra”, comes from the word tetrahedron which is a triangular pyramid contained by four planes – three sides and a bottom.  In speaking of his sculpture, Noguchi said that the tetrahedron is one of the primary forms occurring in nature.  It cannot be reduced to anything else.  In shape it relates not only to the earth but to the cosmos outside of the limits of the earth.  To Noguchi, the sculpture represents relationships between the earth, nature and life.    His purpose in placing a mist-fountain in its interior was “to give the idea that there is life within the tetrahedron, as there is life in man.” Unfortunately, mineral deposits from the water caused conservation problems and the mist fountain is no longer connected.


Isamu Noguchi, recognized as one of America’s foremost artists of the 20th century, created abstract sculptures based on both organic and geometric forms.  Born in Los Angeles, California, to an American mother and a Japanese father, Noguchi melded the influences of both cultures into his innovative creations.  He also designed furniture, lamps, theatrical set designs, public gardens, fountains, and architecture further establishing his international reputation. 

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