The sculpture to the west of the fountain is entitled “Neptune” by American sculptor Bruce Ira Reines (b.1957) and is an anonymous gift. To emphasize the aquatic theme of the sculpture, it is installed at the end of the long fountain. 

Bruce Ira Reines, a self-taught prodigy, began sculpting at age five.  Early success in his career brought many awards and commissions.  Inspired by the work of Rodin and Michelangelo, his early sculptures drew upon the fantastical and mythological.  “Neptune”, created in 1981, depicts the god of the sea from Roman mythology.  The latest work of Reines is more ethereal as he strives to depict the spiritual process of awakening and enlightenment.  He refers to his new work as Sculptural Etheralism.

As you exit the Sculpture Garden you are encouraged to continue the tour of sculptures by walking towards the parking lot and Intracoastal Waterway.