"Pear Harvest"

Within the Pannill Pavilion, a sculpture titled “Pear Harvest” on the left, and “Monumental Apple Basket” on the right. Both are the work of Spanish sculptor Luis Montoya (b. 1950) and American sculptor Leslie Ortiz (b. 1957). 

The award-winning artists, Montoya and Ortiz, have been partners in bronze sculpture since 1994, handle every phase of their work together, from design to modeling, casting and patination. Well known in national and international art circles, they have exhibited widely in leading galleries and museums to critical acclaim. The two sculptures seen here are from their "Culinary Adventures" series of fruits and vegetables. The “Monumental Apple Basket” was given by Mary Hulitar in 1998, and “Pear Harvest” was given by Jeannie and Richard Pearman in memory of their parents. 

Please exit the Pavilion through the main doors.