"Sior Maschera"

Continuing on the sculpture tour, please notice the large banyan tree at the east wall of the garden. Large staghorn ferns hang from the tree. The sculpture that is adjacent to the tree was placed there with the idea that the banyan would add an air of mystery to the sculpture entitled “Sior Maschera” by Philip Jackson (b. 1944); donated by Reginald B. Collier.

Born in Scotland, Jackson is an award-winning sculptor living in West Sussex, England. While visiting Venice, Italy, Jackson became intrigued by the 17th and 18th century convention of masks worn at balls and festivals to remain disguised if one wished to defy the social conventions of the day. In reference to this, Jackson created a group of sculptures known as the Mask Series, “Sior Maschera” being one of them.

Jackson describes the series of sculptures as an impressionistic rendering of the figure as it seems to grow out of the ground, with a texture resembling tree bark, rock, or a lava flow. Jackson’s powerful posturing of each work creates a great sense of drama.