"The Passing of the Torch"

"The Passing of the Torch" by Anna Hyatt Huntington (1876-1973), was given by Mr. Ogden Phipps in 1967.

Considered one of the foremost female sculptors in the United States, Anna Hyatt Huntington was especially noted for her powerful animal and equestrian sculptures combining vivid realism and emotional depth. "Torch Bearers" or "The Passing of the Torch" ranks as her most significant artwork and replicas in different sizes are found in several museums. The sculpture depicts a dying man giving a torch (symbol of knowledge) to a strong, young man on a powerful stallion (representing the passing of Western knowledge from one generation to the next). 

Huntington had a long and productive career, winning countless awards and honors throughout her lifetime. Approximately 200 American museums contain her work including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Examples of her work are also found in France, Spain and South America. She and her husband also helped found nearly 20 museums and wildlife preserves as well as America’s first sculpture garden, Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. 

When facing the front of "The Passing of the Torch," look to your right and take the geometric quartzite path towards the next sculpture.